We would like to provide you with a brief summary of I Perth Personal Trainer strength training programs. Here in our private studio we offer strength training in Perth to help you build strength as a whole along with functional body strength.

I would like to discuss our strength training programs which are based on the big compound movements. When we talk about big compound movements we are talking about exercises that utilise more than one muscle group at a time. As a personal trainer Perth you can see from the video (refer to I Perth Personal Trainer YouTube Channel) these include a lot of free weight exercises rather than machine based. These include barbell squats, lunges, deadlifts together with your push and pull exercises. To be more specific chest press, shoulder press, seated rows, bent over rows and lat pulldowns. These are the base of our strength training programs but will be performed differently session to session to have emphasis on our confuse the body techniques. We like to see continued gains in strength on our programs without hitting any plateaus. By always confusing the body with new techniques of the similar base exercise we are able to see progress. With an experienced Perth personal trainer as a new client you can go from a sedentary level where you have performed little to no exercise and expect to see good progress week to week in strength gains. As long as you are consistent with your training and you are following the correct principles with your nutrition and recovery you will achieve great gains.

Due to the fact on our strength training Perth programs we are utilising  compound exercises throughout you will also burn fat. This is because the body is having to work harder to work more then one muscle group at a time. Therefore you are burning more energy and at the same time more calories. Your core strength will increase as a result of this program. Because we are not in a stationary position such as a machine based exercise we have to brace our core to perform the exercise. As a result your core will have to adapt and strengthen to perform these exercises. Through technique cues and demonstrations by your Perth personal trainer you are able to follow the correct techniques to perform these exercises correctly and safely.

Female clients tend to think that strength training will result in a bulky physique but this is not the case. Women do not have the same levels of testosterone as males so they are unable to build the same amount of muscle mass and strength. Our female clients will achieve a leaner and toned body composition while still been functionally stronger on this program.

For the middle aged client these strength training Perth programs are also benefited to build bone density. Whenever we exert force on the body it has to adapt and become stronger. Strength training exerts this force and therefore our bodies will increase our bone density levels to compensate for this. This makes it less likely for us to fall and break bones as we are more stable and more functionally strong.

Light cardio is included at the start of this program as a warm up with dynamic stretches. Post resistance training we include core exercises to further strength our core and base. Then dependent on our clients goals we will go through some high intensity interval cardio to burn that extra fat, fitness, endurance and achieve an overall toned physique.   

Come visit us now for your first complimentary session and consult at I Perth Personal Trainer gym in Osborne Park. Book online on our website or give us a call and we will arrange a complimentary consult to get you started and establish your individual goals. We have various pricing plans to suit your budget and we are here to help you achieve your strength training goals in Perth. Come develop your body how you would like to see yourself.