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Remedial Massage Perth

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What types of massage does I Perth Massage service provide?

We provide various massage techniques to help you recover from general life, sporting and training activities. To find out which type of massage is best for you read below:

Remedial Massage Perth explained:

Our qualified remedial massage therapists assess your current symptoms to best relieve and treat muscles, tendons, ligaments and muscle fascia.

This Perth remedial massage service uses soft tissue methods to relieve general muscular tightness and provide relaxation.  

Treatment of general day to day activities, stress or sporting and training injuries can be treated effectively through Perth remedial massage. 

Treatment can effectively relieve pain and also restore mobility and function of muscle and joints. Through increasing blood flow to target areas the bodies own lymphatic system is able to help heal, relieve tightness and reduce inflammation.  

Deep Tissue Massage Perth explained:

Our qualified deep tissue massage therapists use this method once they establish symptoms as it relates to musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries.

This Perth deep tissue massage service pin points specific areas such as back, shoulder or neck after symptoms have been established. Through sustained pressure techniques using depth and slow movements the inner layers of the muscle and fascia is treated.

From existing injuries a build up of scar tissue can be present and deep tissue massage can promote blood flow to address this. This increase in blood flow can relieve tension within the muscle and reduces inflammation. 

Sports Massage Perth explained:

Our qualified sports massage therapists use this technique to assist with exercise and sports performance.

This Perth sports massage service can be used pre or post exercise to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and relieve muscular tension. Post exercise sports massage can be used to increase recovery times from sport or moderate to heavy exercise.

Via the use of remedial and deep tissue massage together sports massage can either target a specific area or overall muscular recovery and mobility.

What to expect from a I Perth Massage appointment:

Prior to your massage appointment our therapist will perform a consultation/assessment to establish which massage technique best suits your needs.

If you have a preferred specific technique, injury or condition we can work based on your requirements.

Dependant on your private health cover you maybe able to claim a benefit to reduce the cost of your session. Please refer to your health cover and we will assist where possible.

If you have any existing conditions under the management of a physio, doctor or specialist you should consult with them prior to therapy.