I would like to discuss our bodybuilding programs which have a similar concept to our strength programs but with more individual muscle isolation exercises. For muscle growth and size we believe that the exercises that build a strong base from the onset should still be utilised. Whenever we are putting the body under stress through exercise it has to adapt and grow. So during our bodybuilding programs we will utilise compound movements at the start of the workout. Most of our energy will be focused on these lifts before we move on to isolating individual muscle groups.

Examples of these compound movements include, squats, bench press, shoulder press and bent over rows. An example of our muscle isolation exercises may include machine leg curls, leg extensions, chest flys, various cable exercises, dumbbell and barbell single joint exercises. Two methods can be utilised in terms of our bodybuilding training Perth programs dependent on how many sessions you can commit to per week. We will either provide full body programs or split and target two muscle groups at a time. Here our emphasis on confuse the body techniques is important for bodybuilding gains. If you dont vary your exercise type, sets, reps and order you can quite easily reach plateaus in your training. We do our utmost to avoid this and if you have good nutrition and recovery principles then you will see great progress.

In comparison to our strength training programs where you work the whole body we can target individual muscle groups to build tone and shape. We still promote an overall balance of training so we avoid any muscle imbalance issues and correct any posture abnormalities. We will at the same time burn fat on our bodybuilding training programs Perth. Especially if we are going through a full body workout you will see good lean body results. Because we still utilise the big compound movements at the start you are pushing your body to burn those extra calories while sustaining that when you move onto muscle isolation exercises.

Female clients worry about building big arms, shoulders and legs for example on bodybuilding programs. This is not the case as females dont have the same level of testosterone as males so are unable to build that same amount of size. Instead you will become more toned and have more shape to your body. Core exercises are targeted at the end of these programs to ensure we have balanced body development and strength. We will include high intensity interval cardio at the end of your workout followed by static stretches. Dependent on your goals the level and length of the HIIT cardio may vary but the static stretches are a must for all sessions.

Whether you would like to train twice, three, four or more times a week we can tailor a bodybuilding training Perth program to cater to your needs. You are not another membership number in our private personal training studio and we believe in bringing back the service aspect of training and getting you the results you want. Our bodybuilding training programs will suit all levels and help you develop your body how you would like to see yourself at I Perth Personal Trainer.