When anyone decides to invest in themselves in terms of their own health and fitness they would initially look for the best. How do you define what the best personal trainer Perth is? There isn't an exact answer to this but I have tried to explain below some things you should at least expect from the best Perth trainer.

You would expect any trainer to practice what they preach and hold themselves accountable to stick to their own diet (lifestyle) and training schedule. They should not be out of shape one minute and in awesome shape the next minute. If a personal trainer Perth is selling you a product then as the best trainer Perth it should be a sustainable one. How can you coach someone to stay in shape all year round and stick to a sustainable lifestyle if you can't even do it yourself?

As the best personal trainer Perth do you promote full body functional strength? Then you should at least be able to lift your own bodyweight in all aspects of training. You should train the body as a whole including the stabilising muscles you don't see e.g. rotator cuffs and erector spinae. Your core strength should be balanced with your lower back strength to ensure no imbalances. Any program you prescribe should be a balanced one from the onset for a beginner to advanced client. You should be physically fit with advanced levels of muscular and cardiovascular endurance as the best personal trainer Perth.

If your selling HIIT cardio for 3-6 rounds you should be able to complete the same routines and rounds at an advanced level. Lean/toned physique goal; then you should carry a lean/toned physique. If I went to the best steak restaurant in Perth and asked for the fillet medium rare and it came back well done and with fat running through the meat it wouldn't be a product as advertised. The same applies to health, fitness and body composition goals; don't try sell me something that you don't actually have.

To me what's makes the best personal trainer Perth isn't just the ability to layout a program in a set time. You should be able to achieve progress week to week; yes week to week. Not within 4-6 weeks we should be able to demonstrate strength increases, overall fitness and stability from an early onset. Prescribing the same program over and over again shouldn't be a common trait. As the best personal trainer Perth you should be able to demonstrate variation in exercises, sets, reps, tempo and techniques.

The best personal trainer Perth should be able to run circuits that are always different, challenging and are balanced. They should be able to push and motivate clients and match their level of intensity and personality traits to establish if they liked to be pushed hard or if they prefer the reserved approach.

As a whole the best personal trainer Perth should be able to lead by example or not lead at all. They shouldn't sell you a product in person then get someone else to take you through that program that as a trainer does not even hold themselves accountable. Show me the best personal trainer Perth and show me someone who holds and carry's themselves to a higher standard. They should be approachable and humble to be able to motivate and inspire others. They shouldn't be swollen up one minute and trim the next they should be able to show sustainable clean results as example of how no shortcuts have been taken.

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