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IPPT - Fitness Classes Perth

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1) Is this just group personal training Perth?

No! As part of our group circuit training we offer:

  • x3 45 minute sessions per week
  • Talior made nutrition plan
  • Nutrition guidance and support
  • Supplement guidance and discounts
  • Measurements and photos
  • X2 complimentary bodyscans
  • Full support throughout the program

2) Are you looking for resistance based circuit training Perth?

Our Osborne Park fitness classes differ from all other group personal training Perth! We use weight based compound exercises with barbells, dumbbells, machines and bodyweight together with some explosive cardio and core work.

We are not looking to pack 20 plus people into a room side by side doing "functional training" "cross fit" "bear crawls" "bench jumps"

The traditional training methods work through teaching correct form and technique. Once you have a good understanding of each exercise we are able to promote progressive overload week to week (aka increase the weight)

Don't be another number in a room full of 20+ people with no guidance, no correction and no monitoring to promote progressive overload and progress!

3) Is this circuit training for bodybuilding?

We have two separate groups for men and women mainly to ensure the changeover of weights suits the group. Men are able to build more lean muscle and size due to the higher level of testosterone. Women on the other hand only have a very small amount of testosterone so this results in a more toned and lean strong physique with shape!

4) What about group fitness training Perth?

Due to the circuit based aspect we incorporate set 30 second rest intervals in-between exercise stations. This enables clients to keep their heart rates elevated and as you're body adapts to the training improved cardiovascular fitness and fat burning!

5) Can I apply for a trial?

Yes! Fill out the form at the top of the page and claim you're first WEEK complimentary now!

6) Can anyone apply?

Yes! From beginner to advance we can teach you correct form to achieve the best results from resistance training at an affordable price.

At an advanced level we can take your training to the next stage increasing strength gains and burning more bodyfat then before!

But! These programs are only for people that are 100% motivated to make a positive change not only in their own body but improve their lifestyle and self-confidence!

We encourage 100% commitment as we are willing to put the work in to help you achieve your goals and expect the same back! 👊

7) What’s the cost and how can I find out more information?

The full 28 Day challenge package costs - $190

For further information click the offers below: